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Production in Australia)



CSL Seqirus markets and distributes a number of vaccines and pharmaceutical products to ensure a comprehensive range of products are available to the New Zealand market.

Information on our products is intended for use by New Zealanders:
  • Healthcare professionals who want to know more about a CSL Seqirus product,
  • and individuals who have been prescribed a CSL Seqirus product


In-Licensed Products

BCG VACCINE AJV™ is a trademark of AJ Vaccines A/S.
DUKORAL® and JESPECT® are registered trademarks of Valneva Sweden AB.
GARDASIL® 9 is a registered trademark of Merck & Co. Inc Whitehouse Station, NJ, USA.
RABIPUR® is a registered trademark of Bavarian Nordic A/S.
TRAMAL® is a registered trademark of Grunenthal GmbH used by Seqirus as authorised user.
VIMPAT® is a registered trademark used by UCB Pharma GmbH under license.
All other trademarks are registered by Seqirus UK Limited or its affiliates in one or more jurisdictions.

Pandemic Response Solutions

As a global leader in influenza vaccine manufacturing, CSL Seqirus offers a portfolio of pandemic vaccines and services which are tailored to rapid response.
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CSL privacy statement
CSL privacy statement

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